Pet Friendly Vehicle Rental: What to understand When Renting a Vehicle Together With Your Pet

Planning for a trip together with your dog, cat, or any other four-legged member of the family? Are you currently prepared? You’ve pet friendly hotels booked, air travel reservation for the pet made, pet air travel travel carrier bought (and pet familiarized with carrier), pet packed, and just what else? Is it? Not a chance, you have to rent a vehicle. Most major vehicle rental companies are pet friendly. That’s, they permit pets to travel within their vehicles. However, have the ability to limitations and guidelines. Here are a few common issues that individuals with pets face when renting a vehicle.

Stinky Pet Smells

There’s nothing worse than stepping into accommodations vehicle that reeks of smoke, dirty diapers, a large Mac & fries, or an excessive amount of after shave! Well, stepping into a vehicle which has stinky pet odors is not enjoyable either – for us pet enthusiasts. Cat urine and wet dog are the most typical odors that linger following a pet as well as their person have rented a vehicle.

Remains & Hitch hikers

Additionally towards the smells, pet hair and dirt are some of the presents left out by pet passengers in car rentals. Pets also take along unwelcome hitch hikers who finalise to hop off within the vehicle rental! These hitch hikers are ticks and fleas. Vehicle rentals companies aren’t too happy when they’re left to wash in the mess your pooch or cat produced in the rear seat – not to mention de-flea and de-tick the rental vehicle. And you’re sure to be less happy because you’ll have to spend the money for clean-up.

Damage – Inside & Out

Just when you are responsible for any damage completed to the outdoors from the vehicle, you’re also responsible for any damage completed to within your rental vehicle. Gnawed off seat corners, scratched fine Corinthian leather, or perhaps a stick shift utilized as a chew toy are among a few of the interior damages that pets may cause.

We can not overlook damage that pets not directly induce to the outdoors from the vehicle. Whenever a pet travels in the vehicle and it is permitted to “roam free” it is a occur. Unsecured pets generally draw attention away from the motive force. If the driver removes to pet their dog, or their cat is scratching on the rear of their seat, or their dog is bouncing round the vehicle barking in the wind blowing – they are major distractions plus they cause vehicle accidents. If you need to stop fast or rear finish someone traveling, pets happen to be considered to be projectiles – through the car windows. Additionally, if you’re within an accident and emergency help comes, once they open your vehicle door, a pet can dart off and only go missing or at worst get hit with a vehicle.


Follow these good sense suggestions and tips to prevent any unnecessary charges by vehicle rental companies and most importantly, to help keep both you and your pet safe when you are traveling.

1. Before your vacation, provide your pet a shower and trim claws

2. Make sure your dog is flea and tick free and it is utilizing a flea and tick preventative

3. Wipe/dry your dog off (paws and the body) prior to them getting in to the vehicle

4. Take along a dog spray to squelch wet dog odor

5. Brush your dog frequently to eliminate loose hair

6. Cover the seats from the rental vehicle

7. Take along a hair get brush to wash seats

8. Don’t leave your dog within the vehicle unwatched

9. Correctly restrain your dog within the vehicle by utilizing whether pet seatbelt, pet vehicle seat, travel kennel, or vehicle pet barrier

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